princesa5 is a multidisciplinary creative focused on fashion and direction. most of her work is related to gen-z trends and avant-garde movements and it is very influenced by her own vision of femininity and love.

inés was born in Bonavista, a suburban neighborhood in the south of Catalunya. she grew up in the pherifery till she moved to Barcelona at age 19 when she started developing her creative sensibility and identity. she's currently working between Barcelona and other european cities such as London or Paris.

some of the clients she has worked for are Balenciaga, PAPER, Yzy, GCDS, Numero Berlin, Glamcult, Bimba y Lola, Thomas Sabo, Praying, Nii-Hai or Namilia. throughout her career she has worked with wellknown photographers such as Geray Mena, JP Bonino, Marina Vengut, Laura Schaeffer or Marc Souvenir.

she's now focused on developing her career as director and exploring new ways of expression while she continues working as fashion stylist for fashion campaigns, editorial featurings and international celebrities. the uniqueness of her style remains on the powerful message behind her work and her knowledge about aesthetic as a discipline and sociology.